The Oak and Ash has many connotations to those from BorderTown… The two trees leaves are known to hold the ability to control and/or nullify magik, or so the old folklore states…. The leaves of Oak and Ash are used to “find the yellow brick road,” what many of the Worlders refer to as the road to BorderTown. You keep the leaves in your pocket and the Border seems to find you… The Oak and Ash was so named in dedication to BorderTown. and the love the Bloods hold for the place.

The Bloods of Onyx opened The Oak and Ash under the tutelage and care of Lady Crymsun. Her original goal; An establishment where the Family can feel comfortable and openly deal with business. The entire family participated in its refurbishment. Most of the girls painted the inside, while the Blood men did the heavy labor under the watchful eye of Lusiphur, the Foreman of the venture.

From the living bar, Tralfaz, donated to the O&A, (an affectionate term used predominately by the Family,) by Doc, to the furniture inherited from the now defunct “Velvet Paramour“, the Vladslace establishment, there is a curious charm to the place. More like the Bloods‘ living room then any Inn to be found in the realm of Rhydin, one could easily stumble upon a Family “business” transaction; Not always the most comfortable of events to witness, but always of some interest and perhaps even excitement. Many of the most notorious of Rhydin find comfort in the O&A, you never know whom you might find passing time or otherwise on any given eve. Built to the profit of the Bloods, the O&A has proved a worthy investment. All are invited to spend their time and money here!

The O&A can be found a block off the WestEnd Docks, west side of Rhy’Din’s Old Town.