Moving silently down the alleyway she rounds the corner. Ash eyes alert to anyone or anything that might think to take advantage of a lone female out here at night in the darkness that engulfs the seamier side of Rhydin. ‘I’ll be havin’ to do something about this outside lighting for our clientele’s sakes’ she thinks as a pale hand grasps the doorknob of the huge double oaken doors.

Taking the skeleton key from it’s safe place amidst her bodice she unlocks the door, walks inside and turns to lock them once more. Muttering a soft word she calls the lights to half waiting a moment while her eyes adjust to the change. A bright smile graces her lips as she gazes out to the establishment beyond the door’s threshold. The fire of happiness rising to ash as she surveys the wonder that is The Oak and Ash.
“Ah me Family but ye have done a beautiful job with this. Me pet project has finally come to fruition and t’is all that ye deserve. Starting next Sunday I foresee many nights and days of happy play for ye m’luvs.”

As she walks around the first floor her hands caress the lines of the elegant furnishings brought from Vonn Vladslace’s defunct business, The Velvet Paramour, it’s fine lines and class taste so fitting within these walls. Her eyes alight lovingly upon the renderings done by Constance and the bright and playful color work done by Indi, Glynna, Orion, Malefestra, Gwyn and the others. Chuckling to herself she thinks that the neon and black scheme may seem a bit out of place to those that repose here but she knows the Bloods and herself and finds the bright painting grand. After all the Bloods are not your typical family and they do not do things in the typical fashion. A sour smirk appears at that last thought as she knows only too well that this be what has brought the Family such scorn from the more mundane types about Rhydin.

Moving through the different types of seating she takes a moment to try out a few here and there. A beautiful antique couch and it’s accompanying low slung coffee table, a handsome overstuffed, leather wing chair and mahogany cocktail table, the requisite deeply plush, velvet throne that Sahvan is so fond of and the serving credenza that is within it’s reach. So many choices, she shines with pride at the practicality she has shown in making sure there are to be so many available for the individual tastes of her customers.

Making her way to the gorgeous bar running the length of the east wall she vaults easily to it’s smooth and polished surface grinning once more at the memory of Doc’s generous gift and the resulting catastrophe. Her gaze drifts over the floor stopping to admire the work that has just been completed on the new sparring ring. Slipping to stand behind the bar she makes sure the ring and it’s three rows of curved stadium type seats are visible from that perspective. Wouldn’t do for the tender not to be able to see what may transpire among the fighters and possible bettors of said fights. Nodding her satisfaction she grabs a bottle of Blood house bloodwyne and goes to take a seat at ringside. Scooting into the well padded seating she leans pale elbows upon the cherry counter that runs each row’s length as she uncorks the bottle and smiles softly making a mental note to commend Lusiphur on his choices for workers and the fine job he has done as foreman in outfitting this splendid palace.

Luxuriating a bit her mind’s eye plays out several future scenarios within these walls and as is her mind’s want to do it turns to the dark side and trouble with a suddenness that has her up and running to check one of the more important aspects of the interior of The Oak and Ash. Working her way to the farthest wall she opens the door to the back rooms. The rooms beyond this door are for purposes of the Family and Family only. Those rooms to be used for gambling and the more illicit dealings, that may occur within this place, are up the stairs before the halls containing the rooms for let. Feeling her way through the darkness, for this place has no lighting and no need for it, she leaves magics uncalled making sure it is easy enough for those informed to traverse it’s passage yet hard enough to confuse and confound anyone who may follow wishing harm to her family or her Lord.

Five more steps and she is there the tingling sensation running through every limb as she is deposited within the gardens of the House. Grinning like a fiend she all but skips into the greathall knowing it was just one of many friendly spots that piece of nether would set down in, chuckling darkly she contemplates the horrors that await those whose auras read unfriendly to it’s portal, woe is them should they be foolish and follow into destiny’s hands.